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Seoul, sweet Seoul

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Seoul. i ended my five weeks of traveling in the city where it all started, where i made the best of memories and (blah blah blah) left a piece of my heart. it were the best of days, staying at the loveliest guesthouse (where i stayed two weeks in total!), slowly exploring the biggest city i've been to so far and leaving it with a feeling of actually knowing this place a bit now. i hope i will be able to go back one day and if you ever go there, make sure to:

- visit both traditional (Bukchon, Samcheondong) and modern (Hongdae, Gangnam) places
- spend enough time in Hongdae, exploring the cute cafés and shops, listening to the street musicians and eating street foods
- sing noraebang (karaoke) in a room filled with disco lights and musical instruments
- walk along the pretty Cheonggyeocheon stream
- visit the LEEUM Samsung Museum of Art (and spend most of your time at the Modern Korean Art area ❤)
- visit in april, to catch both the cherry blossom season and the super pretty paper decorations for Buddha's birthday
- try as much as funny coffee houses as you can, like the sheep café, Banana Tree and many more.

oh, Seoul - i miss you so much right now.

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  1. Dankzij deze foto's krijg ik ook zoveel zin om te gaan reizen en mooie foto's te gaan maken! :D

  2. Sukk! Gleder meg til den dagen jeg får dratt dit.