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hello from Hong Kong

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so i left Korea for a couple of days.

Hong Kong, one of these places i didn't really think i'd ever visit. Wie is de Mol? did get me more excited about my visit though and i like to have been there now, but Hong Kong and i didn't become best friends. it's the complete opposite of Seoul in many ways: the buildings are higher, the streets are less clean, there seem to be tourist traps on every corner and the people don't smile that much, but speak way better English. and there's street signs! it definitely is an exciting place, but not my city.

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  1. I'm from Hong Kong! I totally get what you mean and even me from the city wouldn't say I love too many aspects of it, which some other people think is absurd. Well I just suppose where you from doesn't entirely define how you should like a city or you have to like all about where you are from!
    That's probably I took a huge step to come to England last september to go to university here, a very much needed change of scene and perspectives!

    1. i must say there's indeed been many people (including Hong Kong people) telling me how extremely lovely it is, but no... i don't get it. so it's sort of lovely to read your comment :) i'm glad to hear you found a better place to stay yourself!